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26 Mar 2013

Excursion to MCA to view Anish Kapoor exhibition

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The Anish Kapoor exhibition is reviewed below by two of our Cycle 3 students based on their experience on a recent excursion.  

“You see yourself shattered into a million pieces, a million eyes staring back at you. That is what you can expect to see at Anish Kapoor’s new art exhibit at the MCA, Sydney. The artist Anish Kapoor was born in India and in the 1970s he went to London to study art.  A lot of his art works with illusion. He works with lots of mirrors that play tricks with your eyes. The art is laid out really well and all the right pieces are in the right places. He uses a lot of deep blue, Indian red and mustard yellow. My favourite one is laid out in a large roped off area where shapes are stuck to the walls and floor in all different colours. They  look like they are made out of chalk.  Anish Kapoor’s art is really different and amazing. Its not only good art but fun and cool to look at. It’s good for all ages and I recommend it to everyone. “           
Sabrina Vidor Staub, 11 yo

You walk into a room and you think something alien is going on in your head. Trust me... it’s ok. It’s only the most astonishing, most amazing, most grand thing in the world, it’s much more grand than a piano. It’s the one, the only - THE POD!
I think that the most talented artist on earth created this and his name is Anish Kapoor. His art exhibit is at the MCA.

Anish Kapoor is an Indian artist. He lived in India and moved to London in the 1970’s to go to an art school. The pod is 24 tons of pure steel, which completely fills one of the biggest rooms in the MCA (museum of contemporary art.). The pod was made in 2008 and still remains the same. At first I thought the pod was made of wood but then I looked longer and my eyes adjusted and I realised it looked like wood but was made of steel. There were many interesting artworks like Sky Mirror or My Red Homeland. Sky mirror is this giant circle mirror outside the MCA building, its stainless steel. My Red Homeland looks like a big, red, wax record player. If I had to describe the Anish Kapoor art exhibit in one word I’d probably choose BIG.
I think the Anish Kapoor art exhibit was the most fun art I have ever seen, It’s fun because it’s abstract, not portraits or black and white pictures. I recommend any one who likes Picasso or abstract art or even someone who just likes having fun .Go straight to the MCA museum of contemporary art online and buy tickets now, Be sure to take your children. I’ve got three words to describe the Anish Kapoor art exhibit abstract, fun and completely ME.” 
By Lani Coumbis 10 yo.  20/03/13.

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