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30 May 2013

No homework?  That's not quite right...

No homework? That's not quite right...

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No homework?  Well that’s not exactly right.  Homework can be a confusing topic with parents since Montessori primary schools don’t set homework in the traditional sense of asking the children to complete worksheets or “read chapter 2 and answer questions 1-5 then hand them in to the teacher for marking”.  

In contrast we believe that learning continues at home without the teacher assigning homework.  Opportunities for meaningful learning abound outside of school and children who are enlightened learners will want to continue to do things after school and on weekends. The learning ‘work’ or activities are ideally coming from the child’s own interest and motivation, possibly stimulated by what they’ve been learning at school or perhaps prompted in the home environment by family members, friends or neighbours.

Additionally there are some things that you just have to learn and that require practice.  Reading for example should be include as part of the child's daily life.  Maths (times tables, quick addition/subtraction etc) is another example that requires practice.  There are however plenty of ways to do this whilst still keeping it motivating and enjoyable for the child.

This GUIDE TO HOMEWORK has been put together to assist parents with ideas for 'home-work'.

Perhaps you have some ideas that you can share too?

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