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26 Jun 2014

Principal's end of term message

Principal's end of term message

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As I reflect on our first half of the school year I can’t help marvelling at the obvious delight emanating from the faces of the children I see every day. The atmosphere of joyful learning has become widespread and contagious. I see it in the young 3 year olds who have started this term in awe of their beautiful environment where the possibilities to learn seem endless. Their contentment is also expressed with the warm greetings I receive from those young Cycle 1 children every day as I visit the classrooms. A love of learning is sustained through the primary also. This week I met with 3 students who wanted to check with me on an idea they had. When I suggested they may want to do a bit more research before taking their idea to the rest of the school, they became exuberant with their desire to learn more – saying ‘we can do this over the holidays!!’ and ‘I love reading and learning new things!’.

I would like to also express in this reflection how much I have enjoyed meeting with parents in the somewhat informal setting of a morning ‘Breakfast with Bill’. These gatherings on the occasional Friday morning have opened up a vast array of topics and have managed to form wonderful connections between parents from different classes and cycles. We have not only enjoyed good food prepared by Brenda Janschek, we’ve also managed to delve into topics that have inspired me and others to consider new ways to approach things. I’m amazed at the incredible talent amongst our parents and the school has ultimately benefited from suggestions made at these breakfasts. I’m looking forward to continuing them in the second half of the year and hope to eventually meet with everyone at some point.
Have a wonderful school holiday and see you next term!  


Bill Conway, Principal

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