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19 Feb 2015

"Montessori has changed my life." says this parent.

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"I've learnt as much as my children" is something we hear quiet often. Parenting isn't easy and we can all benefit from learning a little more.  Knowing ourselves better can also uncover much about the way we parent.  The Montessori approach  guides parents in understanding more about their children and how we respond to them.  One parent shares her perspective here;

Trinity has two children in primary and she joined the 0-3 baby group when she had her third child, now 18 months. The Montessori 0-3 programme has had profound impact on Trinity and changed completely her view of parenting and her relationship with her youngest daughter.  

What have you learned?  

I’ve learned so much but most significantly, I’ve learned more trust, patience and respect.  Trust in my child and that she is capable.  Patience and space to let her be herself without forcing outcomes or being in a rush. And I respect her more as a little human being.

How has this changed you as a parent?  

It’s completely changed they way I approach her .  I allow her more time, not rushing all the time like I use to be.  I communicate differently with her an she really responds positively.  I would say that I’m more there to guide and invite her to participate in life.  It’s brought so much more joy to me. 

Has it affected you personally? 

 Profoundly.  I get Montessori now!  It’s so amazing to have this feeling! I see how confident and peaceful my daughter is and I understand how we can live more this way as a family and with my other two children.  This understanding has lifted so much pressure around parenting for me.  I’m much more calm and enjoy parenting.  I see clearly the impact of the Montessori approach on my three children.  The way the children care for each other is beautiful. My daughter is learning this too.   Recently I took her to China to visit my mother. On her very first meeting with Grandmother she moved a small chair to sit alongside Grandma and picked up Grandma’s bowl of porridge and bowl of vegetables and began to feed her, to Grandma’s amazement and happiness. My mother was moved to tears of happiness, almost forgetting her pain from ill health.  I’m so grateful to teacher Raji and the school.

(Trinity’s two older children are a girl 9 and boy 6)

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