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17 Aug 2015

Science Festival at the Australian Museum

Science Festival at the Australian Museum

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The Australian Museum Science Festival was a fountain of fun and interesting information for the Cycle 2 children last week. The children explored many areas of science ranging from robotic to deep sea fish as well as genetics and coding. We were able to engage with friendly, knowledgeable people from a vast field of areas and enjoyed a science show that demonstrated the laws of light, sound, motion and electricity in an exciting way. 

Our visit concluded with a chemistry workshops and a study of frogs - types and characteristics, life cycle, conservation and looking after their welfare. The children came out exclaiming 'I love science!' and the enthusiasm continues to filter into the classrooms with experiments and scientific investigations underway. 

Some feedback about the Science Excursion:

“I saw LEGO Robotics and you can control them.” 

“We looked at a tube with liquid nitrogen and it changed colours like yellow, blue, purple and orange. It was fun.” 

“I liked the Science Festival because of the coding station. It was really, really, really cool because I always wanted to code. I loved it!” 

“I liked it when she rubbed the balloons on the their t-shirts and stuck the balloons on their heads. Ha ha ha!”  Zara

"My favourite part was when the lady held a toilet paper roll and her assistant turned on the leaf blower and the toilet paper went over the front row’s heads."

Chemistry and Lego robotics

The biggest seed ever!

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