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15 Mar 2016

Balance & the Conditions for Learning

Balance & the Conditions for Learning

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In a recent Parent Education discussion we explored how we try to balance the academic curriculum with other skills that lie outside mandated syllabus goals. We are fortunate at Montessori East to see a robust academic curriculum in Montessori, meeting the state standards. So how do we cover all the academic goals AND the many other life and learning skills that prepare our children for the future?

Our overarching goal is to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning. This foundation is divided into two categories. One  category covers the content skills associated with learning about our world (language, mathematics, science, geography, history, etc.). The other category covers the conditions for learning (self-knowledge/understanding, collaboration, creativity, choice-making, service, etc.). Without an emphasis on the conditions for learning, the child will never become an independent learner, able to adapt to this rapidly changing world we live in.

We agreed that happy, secure, independent, confident and social individuals learn better. 

Balance is one of the five core values of our school together with Discovery & Curiosity, Independence, Choice and Caring.

Bill Conway, Principal

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