A happy child
and a better

What more could a parent want?

Today, more than ever, we believe a better world starts with a better education. One that helps not only to create change for good, but one that helps children cope with change. Or better still, thrive on it.

By the time your children finish school, the speed of change will be almost unimaginable.

At Montessori East we prepare your children for change itself, so they become confident, resilient, compassionate human beings capable to take on whatever the world offers.

The Montessori child.

Educating the whole child.

A Montessori educated child is different. Responsible for, and guided to self direct their own learning pathway and ultimately their futures. We want every child to be:

  • an independent thinker.

  • a lifelong learner.

  • emotionally balanced creative in their problem solving.

  • comfortable in their own skin.

  • respectful of themselves and others.

  • able to make their own choices.

  • inspired to reach their potential.

  • happy to offer their service to help others.

  • confident in themselves.

  • aware of their place in the world and what they do can make an impact.

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Montessori toddler in Under 3 Program  (0-3 years old)

Ages 0-3 years

  • Playgroups for parent and child 

  • Parenting and pregnancy consultations

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Montessori toddler in Preschool Program, Cycle 1  (3-6 years old)

Ages 3-6 years

  • Monday to Friday 8:30am-12pm & 8:30am-3.15pm

  • Full days dependent on child readiness

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Montessori children in Primary school, Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 (6-12 program)

Ages 6-12 years

  • Monday to Friday 8:30am-3:15pm

  • Follows the NSW Curriculum

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Our values.

A Montessori education—the values we instil are interwoven into the school culture and curriculum and are designed to endure through adulthood.

Montessori East Values - Balance


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Equal emphasis is on cognitive learning, creativity, communication and social and emotional development.

Montessori East Values - Care


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Respect the dignity for the innate capabilities of each and every child.

Montessori East Values - Choice


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Through choice comes self determination, a will to learn and responsibility.

Montessori East Values - Community


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Strong partnerships between the family and the school are central.

Montessori East Values - Discovery and curiosity

Discovery and curiosity

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Curiosity and exploration are given due time and space.

Montessori East Values - Independence


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Independence thrives when individuals are given appropriate freedoms and responsibilities.

Montessori East Values - Quality


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Teachers and students are encouraged to strive to do, and to be their best.

Montessori East Values - Service


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Care and compassion lead to an aspiration to serve others, and gives the child a sense of purpose, direction, achievement and happiness.


Zahara Arcane graduate 2022

Michelle Arcane

Business owner

Hay family - Montessori East family

Natalie Hay


"There are so, so many things I love about Montessori East - the education my children receive is only one of them. ME shares my parenting philosophies and wants for my children: that they are kind, gracious, caring, compassionate, independent, respectful and attain all the other 'soft' skills necessary for strong, healthy and meaningful relationships. The gift I never saw coming was the introduction to the community that not only provides a great network of friends for my children, but nourishes my own soul in a way I cannot describe. I have made friends with parents at the school which I know will survive well past my children's time at ME. I honestly believe that my two boys could not have been in a better environment in their formative years."

Floria - Montessori East Parent

Floria Popoff


"We have watched our children blossom into confident, independent little people during their time at Montessori East. They are treated respectfully by their teachers and the staff, and their love for learning is inspirational. We choose Montessori East because we believe that the emphasis on nurturing independence and the child's desire to learn are important skills for life."

Justin - Montessori East parent

Justin Rosenberg

Investment banker

"Our sons are thriving at ME. They are strong-willed boys who were always going to enjoy the privilege of choice which ME provides. The prolific decision-making builds their intelligence and wisdom and as parents we see their decisions constantly improve. In parallel, the freedom of choice incubates growing curiosity combined with initiative to create. The strong values of the school give our boys the best opportunity for nurturing friendships. And, of course, we parents similarly benefit from a strong community. ME was recommended to us. We read about it, attended an observation and met with Bill Conway, the Principal. We sent our son to the Toddler program before his commencement at the school. Throughout, we had never experienced such grace, insight, vision in another educational institution. The wisdom and rigor of the Montessori method combined with ME’s tenderness led by Bill presented the optimal formula for our children to thrive."

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The importance of completing the third year of a 3-year cycle in Montessori

The three-year developmental cycle is at the very heart of the Montessori educational experience.  The curriculum, teaching, classroom design, student mix, progress and assessment all revolve around it.

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