Under 3 Program.

KIN means family—and we are here for yours.

This is why the Montessori East Under 3 program is called KIN.

It's for you and your child.

So come into our play space, let your child explore while you discover a new way of seeing everything through their eyes ... a whole new world of parenting awaits you.

For the child.

Face-2-Face is our child-centred program. Your child works independently in our play space while you observe from a comfy cushion, learning the Montessori approach to parenting.

For the parent.

When face-to-face is not possible, our new virtual parenting program continue to help parents. And you can book a private consultation for added support. Whatever you need, we find ways to be there for you.

Parent & Child Group Classes

Term 1, January - March

Crawlers (6-12 months old)

$320, Tuesdays 1-2 pm

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The KIN Play Space is arranged with various developmentally appropriate toys for your child to explore. Each week we will discuss a topic related to parenting. We will also go through any issues that might come up for you during the week.

Beginners (13-18 months old)

$320, Fridays 1-2pm

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Once your child is walking it is best to move to the Beginners Program. The KIN Play Space is arranged with various developmentally appropriate toys for your child to explore. Each week we will discuss a topic related to parenting. We will also go through any issues that might come up for you during the week.

Toddlers (18-36 months old)

$495, One session per week, 9am or 10am.

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Six children aged 18-36 months will be in a session together. Bookings are divided into ages to ensure a balance per session. There are two sessions:

Session 1: 9:00-10:30 am starts with Part A and ends with Part B.

Session 2: 10:00-11:30 am starts with Part B and ends with Part A.

The sessions will be divided into TWO SECTIONS. Session 1 starts with Section A and ends with Section B. Session 2 starts with Section B and ends with Section A. The different sections allow us to cater for both your child and your needs as a new parent. There is an overlap between the sessions to allow you to meet and connect with a number of families with a similar mindset. 

Section A: KIN Play Space - Child oriented

  • The KIN Play Space has carefully selected materials that are freely available for your child to explore. There are a small number of children (max 6). The Montessori Guides in conjunction with the setup of the room and the careful selection of materials will support your child to become secure, confident, focused, curious and independent.
  • Parents, we'll be asking you to sit on comfortable floor chairs at safe distances. Conversations between adults will be limited whilst indoors so that you can watch and listen without distraction. Your main role will be observation. The guides will assist you in this role.

Section B: KIN Parent Circle - Parent oriented

  • This is an opportunity to build your community with other like-minded families. 
  • One of the Guides will join you for a casual snack and chat. Discussions will be free and open to cover things that have come up for you at home or during the sessions. 


* No makeup sessions will be available this term. Only one adult per child - no siblings or babes in arms.

Montessori at Home Parenting Program


Our Montessori at Home program for parents and children aged 0-18 months is the perfect way to start learning about the Montessori philosophy and how to implement it at home. The focus of this part of the Under 3 program is in the role of the parents and caregivers as we share knowledge on how to facilitate your child's development.


On Demand Library

Access all of our previous masterclasses along with course notes from our online library. The topics covered range from exploring your child's creativity, how to make meaningful connections, schedules and routines to anxiety, healthy eating and discipline.


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Live Parenting Masterclasses Online.

Purchase classes individually, which comes with a copy of the recording with the notes, so no need to worry if you can't make the live class.

Get a Masterclass Package to attend all four and save 5% – PLUS get access to all previous masterclasses in our On Demand library.

learning language

Masterclass 1

Language Development - The Power of the Spoken Word

11 February 8-9PM

Did you know that a child’s vocabulary growth is directly linked to his or her overall school achievement later on in life? The size of their vocabulary in kindergarten can predict their ability to learn to read. In this masterclass you will learn how to build a solid foundation for literacy skills using the power of the spoken word.

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potty success

Masterclass 2

Toileting Part 1 - Setting up for Success

25 February 8-9PM

The first and often forgotten step of helping your child use the toilet is setting up the home. In this first of three series of classes we will discuss the key items that you need to get the house ready for your child to start using the toilet. We will also go through the key skills that your child needs to master for success.

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adult role

Masterclass 3

Toileting Part 2 - The Adult's Role in Successful Toileting 

11 March 8-9PM

In this second of three series of classes we will discuss the key attitude that parents and carers will need to adopt that can help with toileting success for their child.

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down to business

KIN Masterclass 4

Toileting Part 3 - Getting down to business

25 March 8-9PM

In this last talk in the series we will go through how you now implement the lessons learnt in the last two classes. This practical class will go through some common issues that parents run into when they start the process of toileting.

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Masterclass Package  $120

Four Live Online Masterclasses, each one includes:

  • 1 hour Live Zoom Event.
    • 30 min Masterclass.
    • A Session with a panel of Montessori Experts.
    • Talk notes and other educational links will be emailed to you following the class.
  • Access to the recordings of the masterclasses.
  • Access to the talk notes and educational resources.
  • FREE Access to the On Demand Library for 3 months.

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Under 3 Parenting Guidance.

Do you have some parenting questions that you need real, practical advice? Are you tired of being judged by the parenting forums out there and still not know the answer to your question. Our consults can be done from the privacy of your home at a time that is convenient to you. And you don't have to wait till your baby is born to get help. We have a qualified post-partum doula who can support and guide you before baby arrives and teach you how to look after yourself during pregnancy and the first 40 days after birth to create a safe space.

Consultations (Parenting and/or Pregnancy)
(1 for $80 or 3 for $180)

  • 30-minute private consultations via phone or Zoom
  • Choose between pregnancy advise or early parenting tips
  • Book a time that is convenient for you
  • Have someone on the line while you're in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Pregnancy consults make a lovely baby shower gift.


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Our Under 3 Experts.

Under the gentle guidance of Raji and Tea, your pregnancy and early parenting journey is sure to be on the right path. Their patience and wealth of knowledge puts any anxious parent at ease and you will have the confidence and headspace to nurture and enjoy raising your little ones.

Tea Bezos

An AMI qualified teacher, Tea holds a Bachelor of Education from UNSW and Masters in Educational Administration. Prior to finding Montessori, Tea worked as a primary and high school teacher for 10 years. After having her first child she looked into alternative teaching models. She started working with Raji in 2014 where she discovered her passion for guiding young children and their families. In 2018, Tea completed her Assistance to Infancy Diploma and Post Partum Doula Course. Tea now runs the KIN 0-3 program.

Raji Sivapalin

A founding Montessori East teacher. She joined the school in 1988. An AMI qualified pre and primary school teacher from 0-12 years, she also holds a Bachelor of Teaching from Western Sydney University and a diploma as a postpartum doula. Raji is central to the school’s leadership team guiding and supporting the entire teaching staff. In addition, she established the KIN Parent and Child Education Centre in 2018 with the Under 3 program. As the school’s Education Leader, she regularly spends time in the classrooms with the teachers and children, sharing her wisdom and deep love for the children and Montessori education.

Pre-primary program
Cycle 1: 3-6 years.

The Children's House




"Especially at the beginning of life must we ... 
make the environment as interesting and attractive as we can." 

Maria Montessori


Modelled after Maria Montessori’s ‘Casa di Bambini’, the Children’s House focuses on developing specific skills in a carefully prepared environment that incorporates bespoke materials appealing to the child’s different sensory needs while developing specific skills.

Children move around choosing activities, having fun discovering and gradually learning self-sufficiency. Working at their own pace builds independence and social awareness, while gaining knowledge and skills.

It also promotes self-discipline and concentration.

The activities in Cycle 1 cover a broad curriculum and includes: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics and Culture.

Read about Cycle 1 in our blog

Primary school
Cycle 2 & 3:
6-12 years old.

Learning & Discovery Communities


"Joy, feeling one's own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul."

Maria Montessori

Cycle 3

Primary school is a non-competitive space, with students often working in small groups rather than individually or as a class. Students are introduced to five overarching themes: astronomy and earth sciences; life sciences; social sciences; creative arts, literature; mathematics.

In contrast to mainstream primary schools where each classroom represents a single year of study, the primary school is divided into two types of classrooms: 6-9 year old students (Cycle 2) and 9-12 year old students (Cycle 3). Students spend three consecutive years in the same class with the same educators. The result is a richer, sustained community that evolves over time. Students enter as the youngest in the community, then over time take on the role of leaders and experts as they become the oldest.

In Cycle 2, students encounter more abstract ideas, from scientific to social, philosophical and psychological. This transition continues in Cycle 3 where much of the focus is on abstract ideas. Building on from Cycle 1 the classrooms still use concrete materials and hands-on activities to solve problems. 

Democratic Society.

Codes of conduct are discussed at weekly meetings to decide duties and responsibilities and resolve problems. Actively contributing through practical roles in maintaining the space is an important aspect of classroom participation.

The lessons in Cycle 2, 3 form part of the daily curriculum and are in accordance with the NSW Education Standards Authority. They fall into the key learning areas: Language, Mathematics, History & Geography, Science and Technology, Personal Development, Creative Arts, Social and Emotional Development. Read our blog to learn more about the primary program.

Cycle 2

Goings Out.

Groups of students plan and carry out their own investigative excursions, building life skills and independence, while learning about particular topics.

Community Engagement.

This is pursued through group projects around the school, as part of the local community, or even further afield. See Community.

High School.

A High School with Higher Ideals

Waitlist is now open.

You will receive pre-launch updates and be the first to receive pre-release enrolment forms.

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High school


The new Montessori High School will provide a significantly different learning environment and culture to a conventional, mainstream high school.

Montessori East acknowledges the need for meaningful, sympathetic adolescent development as students explore their own identity, interpersonal relationships and their role in the world.

As a consequence, school will feel less traditional and more suited to the demands and opportunities of contemporary life.

Students will work collaboratively on real life projects; have personally tailored working plans; and specialist teachers experts in their field.

Our aim is that our students leave as good people: to carry a sense of wonder, discovery and social responsibility out into the world, equipped with all that Montessori independence, empathy and resilience necessary for life beyond the classroom.

The school will be separated into Middle School (years 7 - 10) and Academy (years 11-12).

The final two years will offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, accepted in NSW as an alternative to the Higher School Certificate.

The Montessori High School will be created in collaboration with Inner Sydney Montessori School. It will be part of The Future Proof Project. Expected opening to be announced in 2020. 

Teacher Training.

The Sydney Montessori Training Centre (SMTC) is one of the only training centres in Australia authorised to deliver Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori courses. AMI affiliated training centres are recognised internationally for their authenticity and quality.  

SMTC offers:

AMI Montessori Diploma Primary 

AMI Montessori Assistants Certificate Primary

AMI Montessori Foundation Course 

There are a number of other options for teacher training in Montessori both within Australia and overseas. Becoming an AMI Montessori trained teacher is a transformative life-long career where you are supported with professional mentoring, development and leadership training. Become an AMI Montessori trained teacher and apply for a role with us at Montessori East. contact admin@montessori.nsw.edu.au 

Upcoming Courses at SMTC in 2021.

Sydney, Melbourne and Online


AMI Montessori 0-3 Diploma

Block Mode/Part-time, Online and Face-to-Face

AMI Montessori 6-12 Orientation Certificate


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AMI Montessori 3-6 Orientation Certificate


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AMI Montessori 0-3 Orientation Certificate


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