Thank you for your interest in Montessori East. Following is an explanation of our enrolment procedure.

We recommend enrolling your child before the age of 12 months to increase your chances of a place. Enquiries are welcome for the primary school. Children with Montessori experience are preferred, however, all enrolment enquiries will be considered.

Applications are reviewed approximately 12 months before places become available.


Enrolment process.

We consider the following when assessing enrolment vacancies:

1. Balancing the ages and genders of each classroom

2. Giving priority to siblings of children already enrolled.

3. Processing applications by date of receipt of application forms, which must include fee payment and a copy of the birth certificate.

4. Consideration is given to parents who reflect a commitment to the Montessori principles, have joined the Under 3 Infant and Toddler Programs and plan to stay in the school until the completion of primary.

5. When all factors are equal, the age at date of application determines priority.

Online enrolment.

1: Complete the Application Form.
2: Upload birth certificate.
3: Pay application fee of $200 (non-refundable)
4: Your child will be put on the waitlist.
5: Book a tour 

Book an Open Morning tour.

Please call (02) 9130 8313 or email admin@montessori.nsw.edu.au  


The next open morning will be held 11 August between 9.30 - 11.30am. The morning typically starts with an information session, followed by a tour of each classroom led by parent guides. The tour closes with light refreshments and an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

Tours are for parents and carers only. We respectfully ask that no children (newborns, infants or toddlers) accompany you as classes will be in session. We kindly ask that alternative care is arranged while you are on tour. 

Places are limited.



According to your position on the waitlist, the school may contact you and invite you to meet with the Principal. This is an opportunity to ask questions about the program and why you chose Montessori East. In the process of assessing places we may ask you to do a classroom observation or attend one of our Open Mornings.

Should we be able to offer you a place at Montessori East, we will send you a Parent Agreement letter. To secure your place the agreement must be signed and a non-refundable placement fee of $1,900 paid within 2-weeks of the offer. We will notify you if a place does not become available. The Enrolment Officer is on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the enrolment process, availability of places and the school generally at admin@montessori.nsw.edu.au 

Sibling priority.

We prioritise the enrolment of siblings so that a family will be in one school community. Montessori East will not honour the sibling priority policy if/when a family removes an older child prior to the completion of a 3-year cycle of a given age group.


Download the 2022 schedule of fees.


Montessori East offers scholarships and fee assistance to families  experiencing financial difficulty and are committed to staying with the ME community.

We welcome donations to the scholarship fund. All donations even as little as $2 are tax deductible and will help keep our community connected.

Parent Participation Scheme (PPS).


Parent participation is time given by parents and carers that dedicate their skills and talents to the school. Your contribution supports the classrooms as well as adds to the sense of community we all enjoy. As part of your enrolment each family is expected to offer 4 hours of their time per term or 12 hours per annum. This may be through helping with school events, such as chaperoning new parents on Open Mornings, assisting in canteen and preparing materials for the classrooms. Reception and teachers can offer families tips on how they can contribute their hours.

Parent Eds.

We encourage parents to learn more about the Montessori approach to education by inviting parents to school events, including Parent Eds and Open Mornings. The Graduates Return is our most popular event on the school calendar where parents get to see first-hand how past students fair in a mainstream high school. Invariably parents find this experience positive and reaffirms why they decided to enrol.

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