The Montessori child.

Educating the whole child.

A Montessori educated child is different. Responsible for, and guided to self direct their own learning pathway and ultimately their futures. We want every child to be:

  • an independent thinker.

  • a lifelong learner.

  • emotionally balanced creative in their problem solving.

  • comfortable in their own skin.

  • respectful of themselves and others.

  • able to make their own choices.

  • inspired to reach their potential.

  • happy to offer their service to help others.

  • confident in themselves.

  • aware of their place in the world and what they do can make an impact.

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Experiencing the Montessori classroom.

A child relaxes in a Montessori classroom. To encourage the child’s participation the atmosphere is inclusive, non-judgemental. Materials are organised by subject areas such as Language, Mathematics, Science, Sensorial, Practical Life, Geography and Culture. Children learn sitting on their own, in groups, at tables or on the floor, freely moving around the room to interact and share ideas with other groups.

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Multi-aged rooms.

Montessori classes are multi-aged, covering a 3-year span with each class responsive to the learning capabilities and style of the individual child. Older children apply their learning and help teach the younger ones under the helpful eye of the teacher.

Less multi-device, more multi‑sensory.

Children are encouraged to free their minds, ask questions and find their own answers. They often learn with materials they can examine closely, to inspire new ways to think through and solve problems. Information technology is not employed until ways of thinking and questioning freely have been firmly established.

No homework; no tests.

Students are assessed through observation and project work, rather than ever demanding homework assignments and stressful tests. They’re encouraged to develop their capacity to critique their own work and that of others. The assessments not only include academic progress, but also broader intellectual capability including creativity and critical thinking, social and emotional development. NAPLAN tests are available to the children in years 3 and 5, but aren't compulsory. 


“The vision of the Directress should be at once precise like that of a scientist, and spiritual like that of a saint.”

Maria Montessori

The Montessori teacher.

A system of education for today’s world.

Our teachers are AMI Montessori trained with internationally recognised qualifications. All lead teachers have university level teaching qualifications. Every classroom has a lead teacher and a support teacher in the primary years and up to three support teachers. 

In many conventional classrooms the teacher stands in front of the class and transfers knowledge to the students. Montessori starts with the preparation of the classroom - creating a space with the intention to foster interest, curiosity and a desire to learn. The teacher masterly places the learning materials around the classroom that offer the child at any age the freedom to choose and explore. This is child led education. Children learn by following their interests and they discover knowledge rather than it being given to them. The teacher observes each child as the individual they are and challenges them to discover new knowledge in meaningful and practical ways. There is a partnership between the teacher and the child and each partnership is unique. 

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Dr Morsy

Alumna parent

Dr Leila Morsy

University Professor and educator

"I have been an educator for 20 years, and an education researcher for half of that time. Montessori East is the most extraordinary school I’ve encountered. I say this because it enables children to pay attention. It nurtures children’s self-reliance. It fosters children’s intrinsic motivation. And it supports extraordinary teachers to help children realise this. My children joined from mainstream environments (and) they integrated into the school as if it were the most natural thing in the world … because the Montessori approach benefits how children naturally learn, and keeps pace with the individual child. Montessori East is a community that taught me how to be a better parent; how to loosen my grip on my children so that they could thrive; how to approach their lives with curiosity, wonder, gratitude, and grace. It showed me a gentler, kinder way forward."

Hay family.

Current parent

The Hay family


"There are so, so many things I love about Montessori East - the education my children receive is only one of them. ME shares my parenting philosophies and wants for my children: that they are kind, gracious, caring, compassionate, independent, respectful and attain all the other 'soft' skills necessary for strong, healthy and meaningful relationships. The gift I never saw coming was the introduction to the community that not only provides a great network of friends for my children, but nourishes my own soul in a way I cannot describe. I have made friends with parents at the school which I know will survive well past my children's time at ME. I honestly believe that my two boys could not have been in a better environment in their formative years."


Current parent

Floria Popoff


"We have watched our children blossom into confident, independent little people during their time at Montessori East. They are treated respectfully by their teachers and the staff, and their love for learning is inspirational. We choose Montessori East because we believe that the emphasis on nurturing independence and the child's desire to learn are important skills for life."


Current parent

Justin Rosenberg

Investment banker

"Our sons are thriving at ME. They are strong-willed boys who were always going to enjoy the privilege of choice which ME provides. The prolific decision-making builds their intelligence and wisdom and as parents we see their decisions constantly improve. In parallel, the freedom of choice incubates growing curiosity combined with initiative to create. The strong values of the school give our boys the best opportunity for nurturing friendships. And, of course, we parents similarly benefit from a strong community. ME was recommended to us. We read about it, attended an observation and met with Bill Conway, the Principal. We sent our son to the Toddler program before his commencement at the school. Throughout, we had never experienced such grace, insight, vision in another educational institution. The wisdom and rigor of the Montessori method combined with ME’s tenderness led by Bill presented the optimal formula for our children to thrive."

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