Nature Boy, Earth Boy, Young Archiebald winner 5-8 years old, Lev Kahn

Introducing our Young Archiebald prize recipient

Mon, June 20 2022

Lev Kahn Young Archiebald Winner 5-8 years
Photo provided by Nadav Kahn.

Introducing Montessori East's Young Archiebald winner, Lev Kahn, whose self-portrait entitled Nature Boy, Earth Boy, won the 5-8 year old category.

We love how well Lev handled his first ever press conference at just 5 years old. Unfazed by the bright lights and cameras that encircled him, he answered journalists' questions in stride, demonstrating the wisdom of a child unfettered by social expectations and extrinsic reward. 

When asked whether he would like to become an artist when he grows up, he answers emphatically in the sweet way only a 5-year-old can: "I already am an artist."

Watch Lev's interview on 7 News.

Nature Boy, Earth Boy
(marker pen on paper)

I drew myself because I'm special to myself. I'm not so interested in things to do with space or planets, like other kids. I like animals, nature and Earth things. Space holds the Earth. I'm more of an Earth boy. Here I am with some of the things that make me up. There is a Rainbow Serpent, and an Argentinian flag on my face. These are the places I come from. Around me are all kinds of Earth things. I had no idea I was capable of creating something so beautiful.


Thank you Lev, for creating something so beautiful and for your pure wisdom.


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