Maths and montessori beads

Counting with beads

Thu, November 18 2021

The bead chains allow children to use their hands to physically count the numbers, strengthen dexterity and fine motor skills.

Over the last few weeks the cycle 1 Montessori East teachers have seen a huge surge in motivation and interest for children to work with the Montessori bead cabinet activities. These include the 100 chain, the 1000 chain helping with linear counting and the short and long chain helping teach skip counting. One of the beauties of having a mixed age group is the younger children can observe the older children's work and it inspires them to one day learn and be able to do that same activity. This has very much been the case with the 1000 chain. Lots of children are busy practising counting the short and the 100 chain currently to help prepare them for undertaking the exciting and challenging experience of counting the 1000 chain. The purpose of the chains is to give children practice in counting and to consolidate the children's knowledge of linear and skip counting. The chains are also an indirect preparation for multiplication.

Bead cabinet


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