Book Week 21-27 August 2021

Book Week 21-27 August 2021

Sarah-Boyd Clark - ME librarian

Thu, July 29 2021

Welcome to Book Week 2021 where old and new worlds collide and the books on the notables list of CBCA (The Children's Book Council of Australia) are as delightful as they are varied in their themes and messages.

As we all cope as best we can with the most recent lockdown I have been making my way through the new Book Week books that normally the children would be reading and reviewing in class.  With the assistance of my very tech-savvy children, we have been recording the Book Week books as 'read-alouds'.  We have been hunting down the sounds of wombats snuffling, cockatoos screeching and helicopters whirring in an attempt to bring the books to life.  I am slightly worried however that when the children all come back to school, they will be wondering what happened to all the sound effects and musical introductions!



While libraries are physically closed, now might be a good time to investigate what online offerings are available. Understandably we would like to limit screen time (for ourselves and our children) but note that there are free audio books on offer at libraries which enable screen-free time and let imaginations soar instead.  These are also an excellent way to introduce more advanced vocabulary and concepts to children who may not be actually reading at that level yet.



WAVERELY LIBRARY: If you don’t have a Waverley library card, here is a link to joining the Waverley library online so you can start borrowing audio or e-books straight way.

Link to online collection (audio and ebooks-can be sorted to see "Children’s” only)


WOOLLAHRA LIBRARY: Here is the link to joining Wollahra library online immediately, if you don’t already have a library card

- Link to online collection




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