Acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Thu, September 02 2021

It’s natural for us to be preoccupied with our own needs at the moment and just getting through the week might feel like a major achievement. But a shift in our thoughts to applying a new behaviour can change our entire perspective on things.

This week at Montessori East the staff were given a name of a staff member to which they would offer some kindness. We called each other ‘Kindness Fairies’ with only one rule, no need to spend money.

The creation of this act, built such momentum that just turning our mind to thinking about our colleague and opening ourselves up to the creativity of our ‘act’ gave us so much joy; for both the giver and the receiver.

We exchanged flowers, chocolates, homemade biscuits and lunches and wellbeing kits all cleverly delivered within our 5km LGAs, posted or sent through colleagues who lived close by.  It felt so good, the teachers added the act to their children’s home learning. They had so much fun giving to their secret person they started making kindness packs for others.

When we reflected back on the week of kindness we realised that something we intellectually connect to as being so small actually has a snowball effect; it bursts open a surge of wellbeing within all of us it propels us to share the joy with others.

What is your random act of kindness today? It all starts with a thought.

Ideas can be found at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation 


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