NAPLAN highs

Thu, October 14 2021

On average our students performed in the 95 percentile across the state and sat within bands 7 and 8 across all disciplines and in some instances some of our children even outperformed band 8, which is the highest band.

Although the NAPLAN results for Montessori East When assessing a child’s learning progress, NAPLAN gives a snapshot of how well a child has answered the questions on the day. It does not offer reliable data on a child's true abilities and it should not be the basis for how well a child is achieving in school. It is just one of the many tools that give us a guide as to how a child and cohort performed in the test.

Assessing the Montessori way

Montessori East makes assessment a part of a child’s experience through the self-correcting design of many materials and the constant self-reflection on one’s own learning. Assessment is also being done by the teacher through careful observations and record keeping. The lessons chosen by the student and/or the teacher are based on these observations and reflections—making sure the lesson is suitable and relevant for the individual child. See maths blog for an example.

Other testing tools

Other tools are used as a means to reinforce the teacher’s fundamental approach in observation. At Montessori East we include such things as standard reading, phonics, spelling and maths assessments, as well as conferences with students and parents. The value of all assessment tools is in ensuring we have the supporting data for teachers to guide each child to reach their potential.

Overall what’s also been interesting about NAPLAN for a Montessori school is that they’re a reminder that our children are thriving, and to reassure parents that there is academic rigor in a Montessori setting.

More reading

Testing - A Montessori Perspective by Dr Jean Miller

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