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Parenting tips: When do I introduce household chores to my child?

Tue, November 02 2021

Many of you may know Simone Davies from The Montessori Notebook, a wonderful online tool for parents seeking insights and tips into bringing the Montessori way into the home. We love Simone and when she is visiting family in Australia from Holland we often invite her to speak to our parent community at Montessori East.

Simone has created an easy to follow infographic on age appropriate chores for children - which you can print out, cut and pin on your noticeboard or fridge at home.

Montessori dives straight into practical life skills as early as 12-18 months. As soon as a child can walk they can be pouring water into a cup from a jug and slowly building up to serve their family and friends. Progressing to filling vases with water and adding a flower to decorate the table while always applying the skill of cleaning up after themselves when water is spilled.

You will find children love to feel like they are being helpful. They love to learn and participate. Our big tip is, the earlier you start, the easier it can be in the adolescent years!

jug pouring

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